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WerkStadt, Emser Straße 124.

WerkStadt is an art and culture center with a wide spectrum of projects and events. As part of PhotoWeekend23 WerkStadt presents a group exhibition curated by Felicia Scheuerecker. She chose a selection of pictures by workshop participants she has been teaching over the last months.

analogue NOW

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Reserva la fecha! para nuestra próxima exposición "En construcción" 21 -23 abril 2023 Esperamos otra exposición juntos en abril con nuestros artistas de Berlín y Tenerife. El techo está en construcción, pero también la vida está en construcción.... Y nuestras obras de arte están sobre el tema "en construcción". ¡Te esperamos! Save the date! for our upcoming exhibition "Under Construction" 21 - 23 April 2023 We are looking forward to another exhibition together in April with our Berlin and Tenerife artists. The roof is under construction, but also life is under construction.... And our artworks are on the theme "under construction". We hope to see you there! ...con arte de/ with art by Saioa Arellano Monika Berstis Marija Brasnic Fabián Castilla Patricia Delgado Annsofie Jonsson Felicia Scheuerecker Marina Valls Janin Walter Lisa Gratzke y otros/ and others... ...y música de/ and music by Håkan Jonsson Kevin Ryan

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  • AutorenbildFelicia Scheuerecker

Aktualisiert: 19. Feb.

Solo show "Sisterhood" analogue bw female* portraits The exhibition will be part of the program of 'Monat der Fotografie OFF Festival' It's the 5th time MdF OFF will be shown in different areas and venues in Berlin, organised by ParisBerlin>fotogroup and world in a room gallery. "Sisterhood" shows analogue bw studio photographs of an ongoing project taken at Felicia Scheuerecker's home from 2019. The project is a joint photographic research on the effects of patriarchal structures of society and provides an attempt to break down rigid role models. For Felicia, photography is a way of supporting women* to speak out, to give them a voice and to express themselves. "Sisterhood" is about mutual support and empowerment. Through a protected setting and the great trust of the protagonists, very personal photographs were created. Analogue bw photography has been Felicia's means of artistic expression in different ways for many years.

The exhibition lasts 2 weeks. There will also be a reading on 24th of March at which the actress Lisan Lantin will read from various feminist books that inspire Felicia during her work. VERNISSAGE: Fr 17.03.2023 // 7pm

READING: Fr 24.03.2023 // 7pm feminist discourse with Lisan Lantin

EXHIBITION: Fr 17th of March - FR 31st of March 2023 OPENING HOURS: Fr 7-9 pm; Sat 2-6 pm; Sun 3-6pm, or by appoinment



Berthelsdorfer Str. 11

12043 Berlin

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