• Felicia Scheuerecker

I am honored to be invited wit my art collective Studio Baustelle to be part of the group exhibition "On water / sobre el agua" in Tenerife. Together with artists from Tenerife we will open the doors of the new art space "El Puente Vilaflor" en Vilaflor. There will be shown photography, abstract paintings and ceramics and there will be also some music to listen during the weekend.

I will show some abstract analogue photography. Two pieces of a serie of blue toned photograms, called "Be water my friend" I & II.

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  • Felicia Scheuerecker

Since November 2021 you have the chance to join our "Offenes Kiez Fotolabor".

You can print your own Photos in the small, but cosy bw photolab of Werkstadt e.V. in Neukölln. I will be arround to help you and give you some little advices. Basic experiences are needed. You bring your own materials or buy them from our lab. Participating in the open photolab is for free once a month.

There is also the possibility to book a workshop in bw printing and developing films for beginners

2G+ needed (Vacc or recovered current test)

If you are interested feel free to contact me

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  • Felicia Scheuerecker

Since summer 2021 I have the honor to be part of the art experiment of the actor Lisan Lantin "A modern corset".

I am taking regular portraits of Lisan Lantin during her art experiment. It's about the beauty of the female body and the social narrativ of it. I am using the Linhof Kardan 4x5 in the Studio of Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie to take the portraits.

Feel free to join us on IG to be updated @a_modern_corset

Or see you at our final exhibition planed 2022.

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