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  • AutorenbildFelicia Scheuerecker


Opening Reception:

7/16, 6:00-9:00pm

Torrance Art Museum

3320 Civic Center Dr, Torrance, CA 90503

Show runs:

7/16/22 - 9/10/22

ABS— A Berlin Show

A Berlin Show brings together four art collectives: Studio Baustelle and Copyright from Berlin, and Acceptable Risk LA and CACtTUS from Los Angeles. In referencing the Automatic Brake System, the title echoes the tumultuous events brought on by the initial wave of COVID-19 in 2020. The ABS system kicks in at the moment when the wheels could lock, helping the driver to maintain control of the vehicle and hopefully allowing for the driver and those around them to stay safe. Unexpected events can cause moments of pause, assessment, and reaction. Our sudden collective delay set into motion new bodies of work, new areas of focus, and in this case a collaboration years in the making. ABS takes into consideration the way viewers move through the gallery and invites them to pump the brakes and take in their surroundings. We hope you’ll accept our invitation to pause, reflect, and explore this collaborative exhibition composed of works from near and far.

ABS is a part of the B-LA Connect art festival and exchange which pairs Berlin and Los Angeles-based art collectives.

ABS— A Berlin Show

“Unexpected events can cause moments of pause, assessment and reaction.”

A Berlín Show is the last collaborative exhibition for this round of Berlin — Los Angeles Connection and metaphorically the title abbreviated is ABS relating to the automatic breaking system found in modern vehicles. The approaching stoppage of the project in this case is the conclusion of this exhibition in September. ABS brings together four art collectives from Berlin, Studio Baustelle and Copyright and from Los Angeles, Acceptable Risk LA and CACtTUS.

Berlin — Los Angeles Connection began in 2019 when Los Angeles based art collectives worked collaboratively to exhibit with art spaces in Berlin, Germany. The following year 2020 the Berlin based collectives planned to work in Los Angeles and amidst the planing the advent of Covid-19 and its initial wave hits the world, triggering a hard stop to our programming that symbolically felt as if the Automatic Brake System, kicked in at that moment, trusting in each other and embodying the shock of our respective communities to continue. Our sudden collective delay set into motion new bodies of work, new areas of focus and in this case a collaboration years in the making.

ABS takes into consideration the measurement of the viewers experience as they meander through the gallery and the curated obstacles intended as meditation areas. We hope you’ll accept our invitation to pause, reflect and explore this collaborative exhibition composed of works by all four spaces.



(Wordplay: together and lonely in on word).

Felicia is fascinated by the power and energy of nature. She is trying to explore why you feel safe being alone in nature, but feel lonely in the crowd in the city. We are together, but lonely. In nature, one is alone, but secure. Connected, grounded and reassured. With her works she tries to express these feelings and thoughts in the form of her pictorial language. Long stays in nature, pausing and observing, approaching the beauty of nature, the awakening and the transience of nature are the breeding ground of her art.

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  • AutorenbildFelicia Scheuerecker

Garden Baustelle 2022

48H NK

Studio Baustelle realizes an interactive multimedia space installation where visitors* can escape from the real world with all their senses and let go of the tensions of the last two years. In this oasis, visitors* are invited to enter a meditative state by stimulating the five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, thus pausing, attaining a positive mood and bringing about a change in one's perspective. With new sensory experiences we can sometimes bring about a change in our thinking, acting and dealing with difficult times, at least that is what we want to try out in our garden Baustelle.

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  • AutorenbildFelicia Scheuerecker

Eindruck / Zeitdruck / Abdruck

Art festival "48h Neukölln"

Together with the artists of Lebenshilfe gGmbH and Maren Schmitz (hundert-k, grafic designer) we created a unique magazine with photographs of the last 10 Years.

We are happy to look back on 10 years inclusive projects of analog b/w photography. Kafayı yicez! We can hardly believe it! We present our final print edition.

10 years. Dazzling moments, warm encounters, freedom of unlimited creativity and art.

Time pressure arose when exposing the photos or shortly before the Vernissage. Now we put the time in print.

Get an impression of the last 10 years of our inclusive photo projects. Without any time pressure. We present you the imprint of the many participants in the well-known rooms of Lebenshilfe gGmbH in Nogatstr. 14 NK. Come and celebrate with us. Kafayı yicez! Vernissage FRI 24.6 / 4pm

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