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  • AutorenbildFelicia Scheuerecker

Aktualisiert: 13. Juli 2022

Since summer 2021 I have the honor to be part of the art experiment of the actor Lisan Lantin "A modern corset".

I am taking regular portraits of Lisan Lantin during her art experiment. It's about the beauty of the female body and the social narrativ of it. I am using a large format camera 4x5 inch (Sinar) to take the portraits.

Feel free to join us on IG to be updated @a_modern_corset

Or see you at our final exhibition planed 2023/2024.

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  • AutorenbildFelicia Scheuerecker

Last Year I started my longterm project to portrait female artists. Because the art world is still represented more by male artists I would like to make my contribution so that female artists who see themselves as female or queer are seen more and thus their appreciation increases. I wish to show the wonderful diversity of femininenergy.

#femininenergy @female_artists_portraits

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Studio Baustelle join the group exhibition "Urban Spirits" at Bürgerschule Hannover.

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