• Felicia Scheuerecker We are happy to announce our next exhibition! Architecture in Photography. Urban encounters. curated by Irina Rusinovich @irinarusinovich NOV. 12, 2020 to NOV. 26, 2020 On November 12, 2020, HAZEGALLERY opens a new "Architecture in Photography. Urban Encounters” exhibition. The show will feature works of 10 international photographers reflecting the relationship between photography and architecture. In his essays on photography, Roland Barthes draws attention on how photography capturing the accidental, turns it into the eternal and makes it alive and adventurous. In the work of a photographer, many casual encounters with an «object» - a fragment of a city, nature etc. - also lead to an adventure, to a story, ultimately to a story of an object - a building. Participating artists Anna Kholina @anyakholina Fabian Domer Guido Klumpe Marcos RodriguezVelo @marcos_rodriguezvelo Tom Marshak @tommarshak Veronika Hubert Natter @veronikanatterphotography Van Lanigh @vanlanigh Peter Westerhof @peterwesterhof.architectuur Kira Gyngazova @kira.gyn Felicia Scheuerecker @feliciascheuereckerphotography The opening will take place on November 12, 2020 from 19:00, in 20 minutes intervals of max 7 people at a time wearing masks and keeping distance. Please rsvp The entrance is free.

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  • Felicia Scheuerecker

I am happy to announce to be 1 of the 3 winners of the Open Call Instagram / Ausstellung EROS & PHOTOGRAPHY - Behind Desire / CHAUSSEE 36


Plato: Eros contains a germ of the universal. When we look at a beautiful body, I am already on the way to the beautiful in itself. Eros stimulates and drives the soul to bear witness to the beautiful. A spiritual impetus emanates from it. The eros-driven soul produces beautiful things and above all beautiful actions that have a universal value. (Byung Chul Han: Agony of Eros, 2017)

With my photographic works I investigate the play of fantasy with the secret of the hidden, the desire to explore the invisible and intangible beauty in a sensual way and the timid approach to the other.

I playfully find this beauty in the forms of the human body and nature and observe the sensual communication that arises from the interaction of the two."

(Felicia Scheuerecker)

Two of my pictures "Bodies" (2020) and "Flying wings" (2020) will be shown at the Exhibition EROS & PHOTOGRAPHY - Behind Desire

The group exhibition "Behind Desire" intends to introduce the different facets of eroticism and explore the mechanisms of desire in art photography.

Going beyond the mere presentation of erotic images, to investigate the complex perception of erotic sensations, stimulated by photographs and literary extracts. In a society increasingly dominated by sex and pornography, awareness to the significance of eroticism needs to be raised. A participatory journey through the exhibition will enable an intimate discovery. At the same time a critical examination of the notion of eroticism, which is shaped by patriarchy, must be emphasized. "Behind Desire" opens the exhibition series EROS & PHOTOGRAPHY, featuring the first insights into the Collection De Gambs, which specializes in nude and erotic photography. With every further exhibition new themes of eroticism will be examined. This is supplemented through contemporary positions.

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  • Felicia Scheuerecker

gallery & project space: Studio Baustelle

In times of COVID 19 and the Lock Down, it has once again become clear how important space is in our lives.  How do I define space? How do I perceive space and objects when my space is limited?  Ho w is the focus of perception set? Is there an objective perception of space?  How do I perceive time when I enter the space of memory? How do evaluations of spaces emerge? What role do traditions play? How can I travel within my four walls? What happens when I enter the space of reflection?

Graphic design: Marija Brasnic Photo credit: Felicia Scheuerecker

The five artists Kerstin Braun, Salma Elshami, Felicia Scheuerecker, Michael Ottavio, and Janin Walter answer these questions artistically with different media. 

"The symphony of aesthetics

A journey in search of beauty. The photographic approach to love and the diversity of existence.

Contemplating the essence of the object opens up perspectives and spaces. The communication between the photographer and the object of observation is like a dance. A gentle approach to being. An encounter on changing levels. Borders dissolve, layers are pulled off to get closer and closer to the core. Little by little, an unfolding of being. An interplay between you and me. Will you become part of me and me part of you?

The complexity of the encounter and the constant experience of new spaces of being can be experienced through the artistic processing of the photographer and presented in the form of selected reflections." (Felicia Scheuerecker)

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