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48h Neukölln // UNDERSTANDING THROUGH SILENCE // 28.-30.06.24

Sounds of cities create a unique landscape in our body. Hills, fields, streets, trenches and many more. They shape a net of sensations and emotions. Are there any similarities or differences in the urban silence of the cities from different countries? Can we hear and feel a common heartbeat? What does it make us feel? Safe, calm or nervous?

Much like a landscape, these sounds can evoke gentle waves of calm or tumultuous bursts of energy. The roar of traffic can flow through our veins like a steady river, while the chirping of birds floods our senses like a refreshing breeze. The rhythms and melodies of the city can rise like mountains of inspiration or seem like trenches of loneliness. Altogether, these urban sounds form a complexity that molds and constantly reshapes our inner landscapes as we walk the streets of life.




Alejandra Arbizu, Saioa Arellano, Monika Berstis, Patricia Delgado, Lisa Gratzke, Annsofie Jonsson, Håkan Jonsson, Ana Martín, Rubén Requejo, Christina Roos, Helena Roos, Kevin Ryan, Felicia Scheuerecker, Marina Valls, Janin Walter

We are a group of artists living in Berlin, Tenerife and Sweden. Since 2022, the artists from Studio Baustelle and El Puente have been meeting alternately in Berlin and Vilaflor/ Tenerife to organise group exhibitions together. The group consists of 7 artists living in Tenerife, 2 artists living in Sweden, 6 artists living in Berlin. Our art consists of performance, sound installation, ceramics, printing techniques, graphics, sculpture, painting and photography. There is a one-year collaboration between Studio Baustelle (Berlin), El Puente (Vilaflor) and Studio 50 Urban Art (Gothenburg).

28.06. - 30.06. 2024

VERNISSAGE Friday the 28th, 7 pm

FRI   7 - 11 pm

SAT  2 - 10 pm

SUN 2 -   7 pm

In this exhibition you will experience the interpretations of the theme urban silence by a group of international artists based in Berlin, Göteborg and Tenerife. Sounds were collected through field recordings, which were shared within the group. The field recordings of urban sounds were the starting point for their artistic research to create an understanding through silence without speaking the same language. The artistic collaboration extends over an entire year. It includes three blocks that build on each other. The first part consists of the individual sound collection and a presentation of the working sketches in Vilaflor/Tenerife. The second part culminates in the group exhibition of completed artworks for 48 Stunden Neukölln, at which all participating artists will be present. The third part is like an echo between two cities. The artworks will be exhibited in the art festival "Kulturnatta" in Gothenburg.At the group show there will be shown a mix of artworks such as paintings, photography, installations, sculptures, performances and soundart.


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