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  • AutorenbildFelicia Scheuerecker

25.09. - 03.10.20 Exhibition: Indifferent spaces - equal valid spaces

gallery & project space: Studio Baustelle

In times of COVID 19 and the Lock Down, it has once again become clear how important space is in our lives.  How do I define space? How do I perceive space and objects when my space is limited?  Ho w is the focus of perception set? Is there an objective perception of space?  How do I perceive time when I enter the space of memory? How do evaluations of spaces emerge? What role do traditions play? How can I travel within my four walls? What happens when I enter the space of reflection?

Graphic design: Marija Brasnic Photo credit: Felicia Scheuerecker

The five artists Kerstin Braun, Salma Elshami, Felicia Scheuerecker, Michael Ottavio, and Janin Walter answer these questions artistically with different media. 

"The symphony of aesthetics

A journey in search of beauty. The photographic approach to love and the diversity of existence.

Contemplating the essence of the object opens up perspectives and spaces. The communication between the photographer and the object of observation is like a dance. A gentle approach to being. An encounter on changing levels. Borders dissolve, layers are pulled off to get closer and closer to the core. Little by little, an unfolding of being. An interplay between you and me. Will you become part of me and me part of you?

The complexity of the encounter and the constant experience of new spaces of being can be experienced through the artistic processing of the photographer and presented in the form of selected reflections." (Felicia Scheuerecker)

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