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Feelings are always present, but can easily be overlooked. We are often taught how to suppress feelings in order to function, meet expectations and to avoid conflicts.

We learn to control emotions to be more adaptable, to conform to social and societal roles, to get recognition and to be comfortable for our environment. We unlearn to listen to our feelings and needs and to consider them benevolently and understand them as positive signposts.

Since 2019, Felicia Scheuerecker has been inviting people to her home to take photographs of subjects that her guests bring with them or that arise during their encounters. The exhibition in the shop window of Studio Baustelle shows a small part of the walk through the emotional world of the people in front of her camera. Felicia consciously chose not the smile in front of the camera but to present honestly and artistically interpret the feelings behind the masks of everyday life. Felicia sees her work as an approach to the people in front of the camera. On display are self-developed black and white hand prints.

In the current situation the human being is confronted with unknown challenges. Felicia believes it is necessary to pay attention to feelings and to get to the bottom of them in order to create understanding, compassion and a sensitive interaction between people.

Berthelsdorfer Str. 11

12043 Berlin-Neukölln

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