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Sellerie Weekend 2024 Group Show THINGS YOU CAN NOT BUY

SELLERIE WEEKEND is Berlin's off-program for project spaces during Gallery Weekend.

It gathers the program of project spaces in Berlin on the weekend of 26.4. – 28.4.2024. This initiative aims to create visibility for the work of independent art spaces in the city through joint action. It expresses an understanding of art and its display that is not oriented towards commercial purposes.

GROUP SHOW curated by Felicia Scheuerecker

26.04. - 28.04.2024

Vernissage Friday, 26th 7:00 pm

Flamenco Performance Saturday, 27th, 7:00 pm

by Gloria Madas

SAT 4 - 9 pm

SUN 2 - 6 pm

In a world where value is often defined by material possessions, in this exhibition we explore the intangible treasures that surround us - THINGS YOU CAN NOT BUY. Immerse yourself in a fascinating journey that invites you to reflect on the meaning of values such as love, friendship, happiness, time, memories and humanity. Through a variety of interactive installations, audiovisual presentations, artworks and personal stories, we will explore the invisible treasures of life and discover how these intangible riches enrich our daily lives and shape our world. Be inspired to reflect and appreciate what is truly important in life - the things you can't buy - and we invite you to experience this unique exhibition and rediscover your own definition of wealth.

Ismael Duá   

Caty Forden            @catyforden

Lisa Gratzke           @lisa_luft

Friederike Hammann @tullovie

Georg Hammann

Annsofie Jonsson @annsofie_jonsson_art

Hakan Jonsson    @hajons

Louise Lenz          @louisemarylenz

Alexandre Liberato @liberato_alexandre

Gloria Madas        @gloriamadasflamenco

Gregor Marczak

Rike Nickel           @rikenickel

Micha Otto            @michaotto

Felicia Scheuerecker    @feliciascheuereckerphotography

Maximilian Thiel           @rockykugelblitz

Semra Sevin        

Honey Vogelaers          @misterh0ney


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