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48 h Neukölln 24.-26.06.2022

Eindruck / Zeitdruck / Abdruck

Art festival "48h Neukölln"

Together with the artists of Lebenshilfe gGmbH and Maren Schmitz (hundert-k, grafic designer) we created a unique magazine with photographs of the last 10 Years.

We are happy to look back on 10 years inclusive projects of analog b/w photography. Kafayı yicez! We can hardly believe it! We present our final print edition.

10 years. Dazzling moments, warm encounters, freedom of unlimited creativity and art.

Time pressure arose when exposing the photos or shortly before the Vernissage. Now we put the time in print.

Get an impression of the last 10 years of our inclusive photo projects. Without any time pressure. We present you the imprint of the many participants in the well-known rooms of Lebenshilfe gGmbH in Nogatstr. 14 NK. Come and celebrate with us. Kafayı yicez! Vernissage FRI 24.6 / 4pm

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